Freedom Acres


Hi friends! Do you love all things old school, simple, natural, and cost effective?

If so, you’re in the right place.

My four year old daughter and I live in Southwest Arkansas, where I grow and preserve much of the produce we eat. I enjoy working from home and teaching my daughter to live close to the earth. We enjoy creating food and natural household necessities that are easy to produce and maintain our budget.

I love this life we’ve created together!

I’m an achiever and an entrepreneur creating the life I’ve always dreamt of EVERY DAY! I’ve had my share of struggles but hope to share with you the things that have worked.

Sharing is worth it if even one mom can be inspired to create the amazing life she is currently only dreaming of.

When I started Freedom Acres, I was looking for acceptance and support through what I now realize was the hardest year of my life. I had lost EVERYTHING, tucked my tail between my legs and ran back to my roots! I was physically very sick, heart-broken and alone. As I’ve grown and healed, my passion has become helping other moms create the lives they dream of.

I’m fiercely dedicated to helping other moms find FREEDOM!