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Freedom Acres' Beginning

Freedom Acres sprouted from my struggle with poverty, chronic illness, and depression. My situation was so dire that I actually contemplated ending it all on the train tracks near our home. My daughter's sweet little smile was my saving grace.

I nicknamed her Sunshine because she is a constant ray of hope. :)

Our first garden took root in my parents back yard in the spring of 2015. That summer I had a large bounty so I taught myself to can, dehydrate, and freeze the excess for winter. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever done! The following spring I also started using citrus oils to lift my mood and lavender to promote more restful nights. I had no idea that these experiences would combine to create an income or that I would soon inspire moms around the globe to create the lives they dream about.

I’m fiercely dedicated to helping other moms find FREEDOM too!

“You can create anything you imagine.”

~Amanda Clark

Freedom Acres has expanded to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram where I share what we’re up to everyday. You're not alone on this journey to Freedom. Our online community is growing and it is STRONG. Together we are blazing a trail for our amazing children.

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